A. Paul Contracting provides New Jersey and New York with professional mold removal services that keep your home or business clean and safe. Mold is ubiquitous as the natural environment and comes from plants, soil, water, and even the outdoor air. Generally mold is not a problem. However, given the right conditions of moisture, humidity, and temperature, mold can grow just about anywhere on anything; drywall, plaster, wood, even plastics and vinyl. Like pollen or ragweed, mold is an allergen, some people will be affected more then others. However, it is essential for the health of you and your family, as well as the value of your property to address any water damage and mold immediately upon discovery.

Possible indicators of mold growth are:

  • Visually suspect mold such as spotting on drywall
  • Strong odors that are stale or musty
  • Excessive humidity
  • Previous water damage that may have caused undiscovered mold growth behind walls or under carpets

If you know or suspect you have a mold problem, call A. Paul Contracting to schedule a on-site visit. Not all water intrusion events cause a mold problem and only an on-site inspection by a training person can determine if you need mold remediation. A. Paul Contracting will work to fix all water intrusion problems (leaking pipes, damage windows, etc.), remediate surfaces with mold, and if necessary, perform air cleaning to remove any excessive airborne spores from to help return your home to a healthy condition.

A. Paul Contracting also offers professional lead paint removal and emergency services to home and business owners in New Jersey and New York. Contact us using the form below to schedule an appointment.