For years, A. Paul Contracting has provided New Jersey and New York with professional lead abatement services. Lead is a toxic heavy metal to both children and adults that was commonly added to paint. Its use as a paint additive was banned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is 1979. Households built prior to this often contain lead-based paint. As lead paint ages, it can chip, crumble, and flake leaving behind lead dust. Exposure to this lead dust can cause serious health problems, especially to pregnant women (as well as the fetus) and children under the age of six including physical and neurological disorders.

Removing lead-based paint to prevent further contamination of the home requires the skills, tools, and knowledge of trained professionals. Whether you want to remediate the lead-based paint to make your home lead-free, or as part of normal home renovations, A. Paul Contracting is your solution. With our EPA certified renovation, repair, and paint rule trained workers, as well as lead abatement workers, we can solve any lead-paint problem in your home. A. Paul Contracting works with clients in New Jersey and New York to take care of lead-based paint issues, help remove violations, and help make your home safe for your children.

A. Paul Contracting also provides professional mold removal and emergency services to home and business owners in New Jersey and New York. Contact us using the form below to schedule an appointment today.